So far the names highlighted in red are those who I think have acknowledged an invite/notification either by FB, phone or email. I have had an overwhelmingly positive response. Mostly all contacted have expressed an interest in attending. We should have a great turnout! I will report any updates. If you know how to get in touch with any of these folks please let them know about the FB page or Website. Please sign in on this page!
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Chris Von Hoene (Kuntz)
Registered Nurse Married 3
Hello fellow Marian High School, Class of 1977, members! Best wishes to all. I guess this is where we describe our life today. Here goes: After high school, I earned a BSN from UC. I worked for the Mercy Hospitals for many years. Now, I care for family and close friends when they are ill. My Dad calls this "semi retired". My husband, Fred, is a Moeller graduate. (We forgive him for that!) He retired from the Kroger Company in 2011. He founded "Kuntz Woodworking" and enjoys projects with this business. We celebrated our 30 th. wedding anniversary in 2016. Each of our three children has earned a post-Purcell Marian High School degree and/or license in their chosen field. Each has married someone that shares our German-Catholic roots. They each have college degrees and / or licenses as well. All three "families" have houses fairly close to us. We make time to get together and especially enjoy our SIX (so far) grandchildren. My favorite role is Grandma. It really IS the best!!! Send Chris a MessageSend Chris a Message
Karen Barlage (Borchers)
Scheduler-Mercy Health Married 5
Been married 40 years next July. We had five children. My oldest passed away when she was 26 and her daughter who was 3 at the time, lives with us. We have 10 grandchildren, one on the way! So far, 5 girls, five boys. I've been at Mercy Hospital in Anderson for 21 years. This made me think of Marian. We had good times there!! Hope everyone is doing well.
Karen Tumbleson (Reed)
Rn Married 1
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Kathy Scarberry
On Disability Single
Hi Everyone,I have never been married and I do not have any children.I have been on disability since 1985 due to several car accidents.I have had 33 surgery s due to various health problems.I do have to say that through it all I can say I am blessed and very fortunate that I have a good life.I am looking forward to my future and what God has inshore for me Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Sheila Smith (Freese)
Registered Nurse Married 3
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Therese Wocher (Mayhew )
HIM Manager Married 1
Looking forward to seeing everyone! Send Therese a MessageSend Therese a Message
Vicki Doerflein (Connor)
Profile picture
Office/day care Married 3
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